Pupcakess by Barbscakess

I was inspired to create something for dogs, something that wasn't already out there. sure there is a lot of cakes for dogs, but we wanted to create something organic, from scratch, something that even a human would eat (yes! they are that good). so we created Pupcakess! they are organic and safe for your pup, not only that but they are made to look like a human custom cake. Check them out and order your pup one of these delicious pupcakess. You will not regret it!!

Cakes and Treats 

custom 4 inch cake 

Delicious Pumpkin, cinnamon and Peanut butter organic cake with a cream cheese frosting. 


cupcakes (pack of 2)

are you having a PAWty? order some cupcakes for the guest pups so no one is left behind. 


Puparoons (pack of 4)

Dog Treats made to look like macarons with a peanut butter flavor filling 




Customize your pups cake by adding a personalized topper.


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